Morning Seminar with Wayne Pearce

Presented by: Wayne Pearce

Wayne Pearce had a great career in Rugby League with his beloved Balmain Tigers and Australian Rugby League Team. He is a true legend of the game that has gone on to run an inspiring successful small business. At TroPro National he shares with you his powerful story of how his path in life came about and he will inspire you, the small business person in running your business based on team work and leadership. Really work the hour on Friday morning.

Location: Seminar Area – On Friday – Time: 8:30am
(Free to attend)

Corel Draw

Presented by: Rowmark Australia CEO

Cory Bourne has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and will be conducting Corel Draw X7 workshops with TIPS, TECHNIQUES and SHORTCUTS that will be of benefit to rotary engravers, lasers and UV-LED printing.

At this workshop you will see how to vectorize low res images from the web and follow the transformation of the file as it is readied for use in all applications.
Learn easy steps for importing logo’s, combine with TEXT MERGE details from Excel, Word, Notepad for badge work or serialising.
Find out how to place larger Signage images in a “container” for accurate tiling across smaller print areas to suit all applications.
Each session is followed by Q & A sessions.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to work smarter, not harder.

Duration: 45 Minutes – Location: Seminar Area – On Friday & Saturday – Time: 09:30am

The Benefits of Sandcarving to your Business

Presented by: Geoff Warleigh – ProBlast PhotoEtch Systems

Geoff has carved out a very successful retail trophy business with sand carving being a major part of the business success. This seminar covers the value of sand carving in a trophy and engraving business and of why you would consider Sand carving, the profit potential, requirements and involves a few application and paint techniques as well. 

Duration: 45 Minutes – Location: Seminar Area – On Friday & Saturday – Time: 10:30am

Maximising Your Return. Understanding the power of Flexx and Job Control Vision

Presented by: Trotec Laser Australia

Fiber Lasers are a valuable part of an engraving plant. Trotec Laser with their vast choice in Fiber Lasers show us how to get value out of a fiber laser and how Fiber makes working with metal more accessible to all and more efficient than old metal marking methods.

Coupled with Trotec’s powerful Job Control the Trotec team will show you how to maximise your return.

Duration: 45 Minutes – Location: Seminar Area – On Friday & Saturday – Time: 11:30am


Corel Draw – Multi Plate Layouts with Variable Text

Presented by: ALFEX CNC

The team at Alfex CNC are renowned for their expertise in the industry and their focus on quality training. This workshop deals with Multi plate gang sheet layouts with variable text. You will get good guidance for how to make this an efficient and fast process. There is no need to type out every variable, just merge the data to create your multi plates. The team at Alfex will show you how it’s done.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn this time saving process .

Duration: 45 Minutes – Location: Seminar Area – On Friday & Saturday – Time: 12:30pm

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