Supplier Awards

Send your favourite stall a trophy

This year we are having Supplier Awards with a twist. The twist is you choose the recipient and the reason and you make the award and you send it to the supplier directly. It’s all in the name of fun. Some of the exhibitors went to a lot of trouble to bring you their virtual trade show and everything was done in the spirit of connecting with the industry in these difficult times.

Why not have a bit of fun with it? Peruse the exhibitors efforts and decide on a supplier you’re impressed with for their effort or their products this year. Or just choose a supplier you think deserves a darn medal. You probably have an odd trophy or medal lying around and you probably have got a bit of time on your hands so… have a bit of fun, engrave up a trophy or medal for a stand out supplier/person and ship it off to them.

Please, this is genuine fun and gratitude so be nice. Hopefully you’ll get a call from the proud recipient to thank you and have a chin-wag.