We specialise in sandblasting products for engravers and provide a complete range of high quality sand blasting systems and mask making materials for the trophy and engraving industry including the world’s most reliable photopolymer resist – SR3000. We also offer custom mask making service and produce ready to blast stencils to save you time.

ProBlast pride themselves in quality products and helpful friendly technical support. We provide you with the absolute best equipment to do the job, Expert Training and ongoing second to none tech support to make sure you get the best value out of your equipment. Get a demonstration at this year’s TroPro trade shows.


Hello there. My name is Gary Chapman, the director and founder of Pulse Laser Systems. I started back in September 1992 supplying & supporting the Sign making industries within Australia and New Zealand.

This year at Tropro we are demonstrating our new range of LTT Laser Engravers. LTT was founded in 1987 and are manufacture to the highest standard in Taiwan’s Technology Precinct. As well as our laser systems we are offering our Spectrumark metal marking products which are now available in Spray Can.

New also is our HEVES Colour Laser Ink products. A range of colour liquids that you can brush onto pretty much any substrate, laser with any CO2 laser engraver, and get a permanent colour mark. Metal, Acrylic, Glass and plastics just to name a few. The complete range is on our web site.

We look forward to meeting you at the shows.


AwardPro is an industry specific software program designed to assist the daily operations of a Trophy, Engraving, and Promo retail business. The program allows you to write your customer’s orders directly into it and then the program will work out your stock needs and create automatic supplier stock orders. It saves many hours work every week for small and large trophy shops right across Australia.

AwardPro Features include: All products are already built into the system for you, ready to start using day one, Sales order writing with modify product feature so you can customise for your customer, Payment processing, Automatic Stock ordering system saving you time every day, supplier out of stock management system, stock receiving and sorting system, job schedule and production management system, product builder, mark up manager, pricing management, artwork sign off management, quote follow up management and many reports to help you manage your business for the best profit outcome.

Get a demo at TroPro and see why so many retailers know use AwardPro to manage their business.